Intro  Räumliche Darstellung für Landschaftsarchitektur Digital. 

Bachelor Landschaftsarchitektur SoSe 19, Betreuung Professor Jürgen Weidinger, Joshua Brook-Lawson

Räumliche Darstellung für Landschaftsarchitektur - Ba - SoSe 2019
“The core of landscape architecture as a design discipline is the construction and articulation of three-dimensional outdoor space. It considers the representation, realisation and apprehension of the three-dimensional composition as constituent components of spatial design. This architectural way of space-making is a living and constantly changing power, influenced by the philosophical, religious and scientific attitudes in the societal context (Bacon, 1967).”

This seminar introduced digital graphic representation techniques. A deeper understanding of CAD software was obtained in order to produce technical drawings and architectural renders. 3D modeling and basic parametric and procedural design techniques were introduced using Rhino 6 (Grasshopper), Blender 2.8 and Adobe Illustrator. Basic Geographic information system (GIS)  modeling was introduced through the Elk Plugin for Grasshopper. The Teufelsberg provided a challenging site with many interesting landscape characteristics. The tools practiced included; Rhino 6 (Grasshopper), Blender 2.8 and Adobe Illustrator.


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